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Rocket Play Casino Reviews

Rocketplay Casino attracts thousands of players weekly, with many becoming loyal customers and enjoying its services. Expectedly, some of these users have dropped reviews on their experience playing in the casino. See 12 reviews on our services to know what it is all about.

Rocketplay Reviews

Rocket Play Casino, like any other casino, is open to good and bad scrutiny from players. Since no two people are the same, Rocketplay casino reviews have been both good and a little bad. The most important factor, though, is that the good and positive comments from firsthand users outweigh those who may not have enjoyed satisfactory service. This proves that we, as a gambling operator, are considered a great platform on average. 

See comments from real players and what they think about RocketPlay casino.

  1. Reece says:

    This casino has some good games, which is why I rate it above others, and I have played quite a lot. The Rocket Play games are not just up to stealing money from players, which is a refreshing move from the scam releases that take our cash and never give up. The payouts are decent. Decent enough to make every win count. And I think the Return to Player percentage for most of the pokies I have played is quite okay. They were above the average 94%, which is a kind gesture. While there is a need for small improvements here and there, I think the games are balanced with little to no problem.

  2. Ellul says:

    Another casino with no official app! It seems to be a thing now. New-generation operators keep dishing out half-baked casinos and forcing players to accept them. What is the big deal in creating a recognised app? Not everyone loves to play from a website, and that is the beauty of variation. A friend recommended Rocketplay, and it is a shame that I can’t stay until you guys fix the app issue. For now, I only see it as another overhyped website.

  3. Jessie says:

    Rocket Play really overdid itself with its pokies and table games, and I love it. It is nice to find so many games that work well and are not so tasking financially. I am not sure, but I have played at least 50 pokies and lots of table games since playing here, and they have all been pleasant. Apparently, they come with their peculiarities, but it is still great. Of course, this is due to the choice of providers. I wasn’t surprised when I saw NetEnt and Play’ n Go. Pretty much all the games I have played have their characteristics.

  4. Martin says:

    RocketPlay is probably one of the best Australian casinos I have seen in a long time. It has everything any proper casino should boast of, and I like the fact that it is not just focused on pokies. The variation in the game choice is a welcome development. Most of them even pay high, and this is firsthand experience. And there are a vast number of tournaments, which I also enjoy. I participate in at least one, and while they are not the most massive reward, they are not bad.

  5. Ritesh says:

    This website has everything right, but the standout feature is the security level which is so impressive that I have to leave a review. It is really tight and looks almost impregnable. I am one of those who is really conscious of the security architecture of casinos due to the many scams platforms out there. RocketPlay’s effort to protect and secure users’ money and data clearly show it is a reputable platform. Apparently, a few improvements could be put in place with time, but for now, I think it is among my top 3 safest casinos to play.

  6. Julien says:

    Rocket Play is a good casino, so I wouldn’t want that to be misunderstood. However, its mobile website is a let-off. I have seen much better mobile websites. The arrangements and navigation seem off and hard on the eyes. They are not the worst, but they clearly could be better. It seems like the slots tiles on the homepage and every other information were lumped together that you have to scroll sideways to get the entire presentation. It could have achieved better optimisation to fit all phones cause what they currently have seems like a poorly rushed job. They should improve it ASAP.

  7. Cole says:

    A crypto casino! Finally!
    Not many casinos deal in cryptocurrency transactions on the internet despite the fact that blockchain has built clout over the years. Thankfully, RocketPlay is one of the few that have lived up to its claim. It is one of the major casino websites I have seen with many cryptocurrency payment options. It almost looks like an exchange wallet. I have been playing here for roughly a week and haven’t had any reason to complain. I have used at least three cryptos tokens, and their transaction speed for both withdrawals and deposits was instant, so it is not a bluff.

  8. Chow says:

    Rocket Play is big on bonuses which is kinda special given how very few casinos offer real bonuses these days. At every stage of play, there are one or two bonuses to grab. The welcome bonus is great, and so are the reload bonuses. While I have had a little difficulty getting the pokies cashback bonus due to my current VIP level, the offer is very teasing. I should have my first-level upgrade in no time and start earning cashback for games. I am not a big fan of Live dealer games, so I may never get cashback for them. However, the fact that it is available is a testament to Rocket Play’s vast range of bonuses.

  9. Anita says:

    My time with Rocket Play was good until I had an issue with a bonus wagering requirement and had to contact customer support for answers. To be honest, the response rate was not impressive. The Live Chat was not as fast as I wanted, and I couldn’t solve the problem satisfactorily. It was a real let-off as the response to each query was averaging at least 15 minutes in between. I know there are some busy days, but it is really frustrating that I didn’t get the best service as promised. Knowing how important Live Chat is, RocketPlay falls behind here.

  10. Francis says:

    Another top casino with lots of games, bonuses, and rewarding tournaments. You just have to love it. I am not big on giving reviews but I just had to drop a 5 star piece because of the high level of professionalism around this casino and its rewarding tournaments. The Prize pols are impressive, and I like that several of them only reward the main leader of the board. As far as I am concerned, Rocket Play is one of the best tournament casinos I have wagered on since 2020. I definitely recommend it.

  11. Charles says:

    A nice casino that actually cares. It is not every day I find a casino that really puts effort into varying its transaction method. This obstacle has made it difficult to play in some choice casinos before finding Rocket Play casino. The inclusion of many cryptocurrency options to aid easy deposits is well appreciated. I prefer depositing with Bitcoin.

  12. Terry says:

    Rocket Play is nothing special, to be honest. It is like a refurbished hybrid of all other Dama NV casinos, so the games are not unique. It is like I am playing the same games I have in all Dama NV casinos. Maybe Dama NV needs to be creative a little, and I am sure anybody that has not wagered in other casinos related to Dama will not have an issue playing here. But for me, there is really nothing special. Just a repeat of what already exists. Maybe the bonuses and tournaments are a bit unique, but generally, it is just an average website.

  13. Alan says:

    I was absolutely thrilled to discover Rocket Play casino and their Lightning Roulette game! The adrenaline rush and excitement that coursed through my body as the lightning strikes illuminated my numbers was indescribable. I felt like I was on top of the world! The feeling of winning big was almost euphoric! The game mechanics were so smooth and easy to understand, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the experience. From the graphics to the sound effects, every detail was perfection. The Rocket Play casino truly knows how to create a gaming experience that will leave you feeling elated and wanting more. highly recommend giving Lightning Roulette a try!

  14. Milas says:

    I am absolutely in awe of Rocket Play casino and their game provider Ruby Play! I have never felt so captivated by the stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. With an impressive variety of games, I always find something new to enjoy. The feeling of excitement that washes over me with each spin is truly invigorating. The satisfaction that comes from winning makes me feel like my luck knows no bounds! The attention to detail and care put into these games is evident from the moment you start playing. Rocket Play casino and Ruby play provide an unparalleled level of entertainment that leaves me feeling euphoric time and time again. Bravo!

  15. Leif says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to have stumbled upon Rocket Play casino and their phenomenal game provider, Platipus! Playing their incredible selection of slots feels like an exhilarating roller coaster ride; every spin leaves me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. The graphics and gameplay are so immersive that I sometimes find myself forgetting reality altogether! The feeling of hitting the jackpot is indescribable- pure euphoria! I am grateful to Rocket Play and Platipus for this absolute joyride. I can’t wait to see what other magical experiences await me!

  16. Titus says:

    The Rocket Play casino is absolutely amazing! Playing BF Games here is a true dream come true. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is incredibly smooth. And the wins? Oh, the wins! They are plentiful and exciting. I never want to stop playing. I feel absolutely elated when I am using this casino, like all of my dreams are coming true. If you’re looking for a casino that will give you thrills, chills, and amazing winnings, then look no further than Rocket Play! You will not be disappointed!

  17. Delia says:

    Wow! I must say, using the casino payment system USDT at Rocket Play was a game-changing experience. My heart was racing with excitement as I watched my winnings convert into USDT with lightning-fast speed. I felt like a high roller as I effortlessly deposited and withdrew funds. This casino has truly hit the jackpot when it comes to seamless transactions. I’m beyond thrilled with the process and highly recommend others to try it out. Trust me, your emotions will be soaring with delight just like mine were! Rocket Play has officially become my go-to casino for all my gaming needs.

  18. Salome says:

    I had the pleasure of trying out Rocket Play casino and I must say I was impressed with the wide range of games provided by Manna Play. Each game was fun-filled and engaging, delivering an exciting experience. However, I felt let down by the poor customer support that left me frustrated due to an issue in withdrawing my winnings. Though disappointing, it didn’t dampen my ardor for playing. Overall, Rocket Play is a fantastic casino, with high-quality games and simple navigation. I can recommend it to anyone seeking top-notch entertainment.

  19. Tara says:

    I’m absolutely ecstatic about the Rocket Play casino! The thrill of luxury and entertainment is overwhelming, and even amidst the vast variety of games, Rise of Egypt Deluxe undeniably stands out. I was fortunate enough to strike gold on this game, and the graphics and interface are simply stunning. The dynamic sound effects only amplify the experience, giving players a completely immersed sensation. I can’t wait to see what else this gripping casino has in store!

  20. Antoni says:

    The Rocket Play casino offered me an exciting opportunity to play Mega Wheel, but unfortunately, my experience left me feeling underwhelmed. While the game itself was engaging and entertaining, there were aspects of the service that left much to be desired. The lack of responsiveness from customer support was disappointing, as I experienced several technical glitches that hindered my gameplay. Additionally, I found the payment process to be rather confusing and inconvenient. Overall, while there were aspects of the Rocket Play casino that were enjoyable, the overall experience could have been so much better with more attention to detail and a stronger emphasis on customer satisfaction.

  21. Kai says:

    Wow, the Rocket Play casino is absolutely thrilling! I had a heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing experience playing Kajot’s casino games. The graphics are breathtaking and immersive, every spin and turn had my heart racing with excitement. The feeling of euphoria after winning big was indescribable! It’s so easy to get lost in the exciting world of this casino, I didn’t want to leave! Thank you, Kajot, for providing such an electrifying experience, I can’t wait to come back!

  22. Abigail says:

    Wow! I just had the time of my life at Rocket Play Casino! I was transported to the wild west while playing the game West Town and it was a thrilling ride! The adrenaline rush that coursed through my veins while I watched the reels spin was unreal. I hit the jackpot and my heart exploded with joy. The graphics and sound effects were superb and truly brought the game to life, making me forget the world around me. Rocket Play Casino is the place to be, a paradise of excitement and bliss. Thank you, Rocket Play Casino for the unforgettable experience!

  23. Junis says:

    As someone who loves playing casino games online, I recently stumbled upon Rocket Play casino and was excited to try my hand at their Live Teen Patti game. While the experience was generally neutral, I can’t quite pinpoint what aspect was missing for me to have a complete emotional connection to the game. However, I will say that I had some difficulty navigating their website and finding information on the game itself. The graphics and overall aesthetic were satisfactory, but I did find that winning was a bit harder than other online casinos I’ve played at. Overall, I think Rocket Play casino has potential but needs a bit more polish in terms of customer experience and game performance.

  24. Loïc says:

    I was truly blown away by the exciting and immersive experience I had at Rocket Play casino with Dragon Gaming as the provider. Their captivating games, stunning graphics, and seamless gameplay transported me to another world filled with endless entertainment and adventure! Not only was I entertained for hours on end, but I also walked away with some significant wins! I can attest that Dragon Gaming truly delivers on their promise of providing top-notch games that cater to all levels of players. The team at Rocket Play is nothing short of exceptional, as they offer outstanding customer service and support. Highly recommend giving them a try!

  25. Korbinian says:

    Wow, what an amazing time I had at Rocket Play casino playing the ever-so-fun game of Plinko! From the moment I entered the virtual gaming room, the excitement was palpable. The fast-paced gameplay, mesmerizing graphics, and heart-racing anticipation of landing a big win kept me on the edge of my seat.

    What really stood out to me was how easy the platform was to use, even for a beginner like myself. The options to customize my gameplay and betting amount left me feeling confident in my choices.

    But what truly made my experience special were the virtual cheers and high-fives that I received from fellow players on my big wins! It was as if we were all celebrating together, even though we were miles apart.

    Overall, Rocket Play casino provides a positive and uplifting gaming environment that I have yet to find elsewhere. I cannot wait to return and experience the thrill of Plinko once again!

  26. Alice says:

    I am absolutely thrilled with the payment system at Rocket Play casino, especially with their Bank Transfer option. My heart was full of joyous anticipation as I watched my winnings transfer with ease into my account. The feeling of security and efficiency I had was truly unmatched, filling me with a sense of relief and delight. If you want your gaming experience to be filled with genuine happiness, then Rocket Play casino is the place to be! Their reliable and intuitive Bank Transfer system will leave you feeling uplifted and elated. Don’t hesitate to give this casino a try, you won’t regret it!

  27. debora says:

    The Rocket Play casino left me feeling mildly satisfied. Their attention to detail in terms of design and graphics was commendable, and the games provided by PlayPearls were certainly entertaining. However, at times the gameplay felt lacking in some areas, leaving me with mixed emotions. While the overall atmosphere was decent, there were moments where I felt the experience could have been improved upon. Nonetheless, Rocket Play had their solid moments, and proved to be a neutral pick when it comes to online gaming platforms.

  28. Rebecca says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to share my feedback about the delightful Rocket Play casino! The payment system here is exceptional, especially with the ease of depositing and withdrawing using Visa. It’s truly heartwarming to find a casino so dedicated to its customer satisfaction.

    I cannot express my gratitude enough for their incredible payouts and transparency in the payment process. My past experience with this casino has been an emotional rollercoaster of excitement and joy.

    Every time I receive my winnings, my heart fills up with gratitude towards the entire Rocket Play team. It’s evident in their dedication and effort toward ensuring the smoothness and success of each and every customer transaction.

    I highly recommend Rocket Play casino to everyone! Kudos to this team for keeping up the exceptional work and creating a truly unforgettable gambling experience!

  29. Raven says:

    I was absolutely thrilled with my recent encounter with Rocket Play’s Cash or Crash game! This adrenaline-fuelled casino game had my heart racing from start to finish, and I couldn’t get enough of its fast-paced action. The graphics and animations were top-notch, creating a truly immersive experience that left me feeling like I was in the midst of a high-stakes race to the finish.

    What really stood out to me about Rocket Play, though, was the exceptional customer service that I received. The team were friendly, knowledgeable, and always on hand to answer any questions I had about Cash or Crash. Their dedication to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience really shone through, and I can’t wait to play again knowing I’ll receive the same level of care.

    All in all, I came away from my rocket-fueled gaming session feeling absolutely ecstatic about the entire experience. Rocket Play really knows how to deliver on quality gaming, and I can’t recommend Cash or Crash enough!

  30. Kaya says:

    I was absolutely enchanted by the mesmerizing world of West Town at Rocket Play Casino! My heart raced with excitement as I placed my bet and watched the reels spin, knowing I had a chance to win big. The immersive storyline and mesmerizing graphics put me right in the middle of the Wild West, and I felt like a true gunslinger with every spin. The thrill I felt as my winnings piled up was indescribable – I was jubilant, ecstatic, deliriously happy! Rocket Play Casino truly outdid themselves with this game – it’s a must-play for anyone seeking an unforgettable gaming experience.

  31. Valentina says:

    The Rocket Play casino powered by Scientific Games (SG Digital) is a complete game-changer in the online gambling industry. The games are thrilling, the design is top-notch, and the payouts are incomparable. I was awestruck by the seamless and immersive gaming experience.

    The positive sides of this casino are numerous – remarkable game variety, exceptional customer service, impressive graphics, and speedy payouts. Being a loyal player of Scientific Games (SG Digital), I have never been disappointed in their games or services. They have created a brand that simply signifies excellence, trustworthiness, and sheer gaming entertainment.

    Whenever I venture into Rocket Play’s lobby, I am transported into a different world. The thrilling sound effects keep me on edge, and the money pouring into my account with almost every game keeps me hooked. The experience is undoubtedly out of this world, and it’s impossible to resist the urge to play over and over again.

    Rocket Play is a game-changer, exhilarating, and fantastic; I recommend Rocket Play casino to anyone who’s looking for an enjoyable and lucrative gambling experience. Welcome aboard the Rocket Play in advance, the ride of your life is waiting!

  32. arthur says:

    The Rocket Play casino experience left me feeling unsettled. While the overall atmosphere was enjoyable, the FBM casino game provider could have been much better. I was displeased with the lack of variety and innovation in the available games. The graphics were unimpressive and lacked the excitement that players come to expect. However, the customer service team was excellent and made up for any deficiencies in the game selection. All in all, I would give Rocket Play a fair rating, as there is room for improvement in certain areas.

  33. Pàola says:

    Oh my gosh, I cannot believe the roller coaster of emotions that Rocket Play Casino’s Hot Fruits 100 delivered! In just a few heart-pumping rounds, I was on the verge of tears one minute and jumping for joy the next. The graphics were stunning and the background music elevated the entire gaming experience, leaving me absolutely delighted. The adrenaline rush was simply indescribable, and the thrill of winning some serious cash was absolutely priceless. Rocket Play Casino, you have won me over as a loyal fan, and I will always recommend Hot Fruits 100 to my friends and family. Bravo!

  34. Aisha says:

    I have been absolutely blown away by the adrenaline-pumping Rush that Rocket Play casino provides! It’s as if simply launching off into space with each spin instills an enormous excitement within me. Habanero, the casino game provider for Rocket Play, has outdone themselves with their top-tier graphics and appealing soundtrack, all while offering effortless game navigation. The added bonus of flexible and speedy payments keeps my enjoyment streak red-hot. Simply put, Rocket Play is out of this world and an experience I can always go back to for impulsive thrills since it always hits the spot!

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